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                                             What is The Directors’ Academy?













The Academy, founded by the New Jersey Department of

Human Services and was sponsored by the Professional Impact

New Jersey, a Professional Development Agency for Early Care

and Education, Now is sponsored by NJ Workforce Development

and provides a 60-hour course on child care administration for

directors of child care centers.

The Directors’ Academy is a 60-hour administration course

for leaders of child care programs, funding may be available to

those meeting specific eligibility requirements.


Who can attend the Director’s Academy?

Anyone who is currently working as site director or aspires to be a child care program director as well as opening a Child Care Center. The site director is the person responsible for the day-to-day operation of the child care center, even if this individual has a title different than “director

                           What material will be covered?

                                         The course covers the following topics:



  • Planning and Evaluation

  • Understanding NJ State Licensing Requirements

  •  Child Growth and Development

  •  Observation and Assessment

  •  Educational Programming

  •  Health, Safety and Nutrition

  •  Fiscal Management and Legal Issues

  •  Facilities Management

  •  Marketing and Public Relations

  •  Leadership and Advocacy

  •  Staff Management and Professional Development

  •  Family Support and Community Resources



How do I register for the Directors Academy?

All registration for Child Care workshops can be

completed on the NJ Workforce Registry. Please click or

copy and paste the link below:  

to be taken to the NJ Workforce Registry to

register for Child Care Resources’ workshops

To register for Directors Academy please call us at
(201) 393-0120
NEW! FALL: Saturday April 20th. @ 2:30 - 4:30 PM
Only 7 Students per session-reserve your spot before is too late!
Now receiving reservations for Director's Academy Summer English Session here:
Pay Registration fee here:
Email at or text a
message @ 201-615-8017
What is the cost of Directors Academy?
The cost for the Directors Academy Program is as follows:
 Program total Cost:   $2,100.00 ($1,800.00 + $300.00 Registration Fee)

 Payment Plan:

*Registration Fee: $300.00 and 10 weekly payments of $180.00 

10 classes program: 


* Registration fee is not refundable


Course title Director’s Academy – Childcare Administration Course

Course sponsor: YVR Business Visions d/b/a YVR Educational Institute Childcare Careers Division


 Dates and schedule

  • Spanish – class beginning on April 20th - 2:30 PAM - 4:30 PM - 7 spaces only.


  • English Summer session; is now open for registrations - 


When and where can I register for the course? You may call or visit us at:


Location: 570 Clifton Avenue, Clifton NJ 07011 

Call 201-393-0120 registrations are always open!



Child Care Administrators and Directors Academy

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