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"The best marriages it is made up of the best friends, that together and hand to hand face the good and the bad that is presented to them in life without any fear of love and sharing. "

The Preparation or Enrichment Program for Couples is a powerful strategy with short and long term results. The objective of the Program is to help them build a solid relationship that will grow over time.

Through this program they will learn as a couple to share their feelings and ideas and to work together to achieve their goals. The Couples Program will help you identify areas that can enrich your relationship as well as make those areas that require attention stronger. You will also learn to communicate more effectively with your partner on a variety of important topics.

The Program will help you with the following:

• Discover your strengths within the relationship and those areas that need growth
• Strengthen your ability to communicate, which includes assertiveness and listening skills
• Strategies for conflict resolution
• Examine couple matters and relationships with family members through the Family and Couple Map
• Prepare a good budget and financial plan
• Define not only your personal goals but also those of your partner and family


The Couples Program

includes a variety of exercises to help you achieve these goals. These exercises have been developed with the aim of encouraging them to dialogue and together plan the way to handle different and important issues.











How to Prepare and Enrich Your Relationship

The most important part of the Program consists of a series of inventories designed for couples who are in different stages of the relationship.


  • PREPARE                is for couples preparing for marriage.

  • PREPARE - MC :     (Married with Children) is for couples with children on the way to marriage.

  • PREPARATE - CC:   (Couples Cohabitating) for unmarried couples who live together.

  • ENRICHMENT:        is for married couples seeking support or want to enrich their relationship.

  • TRANSITION:          is for couples over 50 who plan to marry or face other changes (retirement,  separation, transfer).

The result of these inventories is subsequently developed in a specific plan of sessions for each type of couple.

To receive more information about the Preparation or Enrichment Program for Couples, or about our other services for personal, family or couple development, call us today at (201) 393-0120.

You can also complete the inquiry form (blue side button on the right) with all the requested information and in the message section provide a detailed description of your current situation. We will contact you as soon as possible with the options available for your particular situation.

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We accomplish our vision through support sessions, workshops, conferences and Group dynamics. ​
We meet every Tuesday at 7:30 PM

Walk ins are always welcome

Mujer Redimida is a Christian ministry set up to encourage women to fulfill their God-given calling alongside men, by providing Biblical teaching which shows that God calls both men and women to work alongside each other for the sake of the Gospel.  We do this weekly. We also celebrate  every summer an annual Mujer Redimida Retreat. We will publish all the details on this session.


This teaching covers passages in the Old Testament, starting with the Creation Account, and includes explanations on some of the more challenging passages from the New Testament relating to the role of women. Where helpful, cultural background information has been provided. Furthermore, this ministry provides foundational Bible study to those who long to be used by God but do not have the opportunity to attend a Bible School


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